How do I find the population of Garland?

View information regarding Garland population and demographics.

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1. Where is the Planning Department located?
2. Can you provide me with a survey of my property?
3. Can you provide me with blueprints of my residential or commercial property?
4. What is the development process for the City of Garland?
5. Where do I find the Garland Development Code?
6. Where can I find allowed uses by zoning district?
7. Where can I find zoning information for property in the City of Garland?
8. How do I request/schedule a pre-submittal meeting?
9. What are the various development fees?
10. A change of zoning sign has been placed on a property, what is proposed?
11. How do I voice my comments on a notification letter or active zoning case?
12. What is Plan Commission’s role in the development process?
13. When are Plan Commission Meetings?
14. Where are Plan Commission Meetings held?
15. How do I view/locate an agenda?
16. How do I view/locate the minutes?
17. Where can I find copies an ordinance or a plat?
18. Can I remove landscaping on a commercial property?
19. How do I find the population of Garland?
20. What is a comprehensive plan?
21. Why have we created the Envision Garland plan?
22. How will Envision Garland affect my property?
23. How has the public been involved in Envision Garland?
24. How can I find out more about the public's involvement in the planning process?