How do I submit a bid?

Sealed bids are advertised in the Daily Commercial Record and posted on the IonWave online bidding system. Registering as a supplier will enable you to receive email notifications when a contract within your commodity comes available for bid.

Sealed paper bids must be date stamped in the Purchasing office on or before the date and time indicated for bid closing. Postmarks or other evidence are not sufficient. If you are not sure that your bid will make it to the Purchasing office on time, bring it directly to the Purchasing staff assistant. Sealed bids received after the closing date and time will not be accepted. When addressing the sealed envelope, be sure to put the bid number and closing date on the front.

Send the completed bid to:
City of Garland
Purchasing Department
200 N. Fifth St.
P. O. Box 469002
Garland, Texas 75046-9002
Bid Number
Due Date

Electronic bid responses will be time and date stamped by the system. When available, electronic responses are preferred.

General conditions for bidding and any special provisions are included with the Request for Bid document. Please read these carefully. The prospective supplier on the bid document must define any exceptions to the terms and conditions. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the City terms and conditions will take precedence over all others.

Sealed bids are scheduled to open Tuesday and Thursday of each week at 3 p.m. in the City Purchasing office, unless otherwise specified. Sealed bid openings are public. Interested parties who are present at the bid opening may request that the bids be read aloud. Bids are recapped as soon as possible and posted on-line via the Internet provider.

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