• The Atrium Courtyard with Lit Trees
  • Multimedia Presentation Set up with Patriotic Balloons
  • Daytime Wedding Reception Decor
  • The Atrium in the Fall Season
  • Courtyard Wedding
  • Themed School Dance
  • Panoramic View of the Atrium Courtyard in Fall
  • Theater Style Seating Arranged
  • Bride and Groom Dancing to the Their First Dance
  • Seating Set up for a Graduation Ceremony
  • The Atrium Illuminated at Night
  • Courtyard at Night
  • Christmas Decor in the Atrium at Night
  • Attendees Sitting Inside the Atrium for a Wedding Reception
  • The Atrium Lobby Decorated in Pink and Green Ballons
  • Atrium Decorated for a Wedding Reception
  • Bride and Groom Cutting Their Wedding Cake
  • Podium and Seating Prepped for a Business Meeting
  • Set up for a Bar Mitzvah
  • Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Decorations
  • The Lobby Set up for a Buffet
  • Lobby Buffet with Pink Flower Centerpieces
  • Bartenders Behind the Bar in the Lobby
  • Outside of the Atrium at Night

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