• Auditorium from Above
  • Performers on Stage for Will Rogers Follies
  • Cast of Sound of Music on Stage
  • Debbie Reynolds Performing on Stage
  • Seats from the Stage
  • Production of 42nd Street on Stage
  • Jiaping Shi Dance Show
  • Cast of Music Man
  • The Auditorium with Audience Members
  • 42nd Street Theatre Cast Members on Stage
  • Meeting Room
  • Cast Members Dancing in the Production 42nd Street
  • Production of Will Rogers Follies
  • Performers of Oklahoma! on Stage
  • Production of Cats
  • Cast Performing in Mikado
  • Wizard of Oz Cast Members on Stage
  • Debbie Reynolds
  • Cats Set and Audience Seating
  • Debbie Reynolds on Stage with a Pianist

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