How do I download digital books from the catalog?

The library catalog now contains downloadable materials from OverDrive, Project Gutenberg and Open Library. These downloadable items can be requested or checked out and downloaded without leaving the library catalog. You can manage your requests and downloads from My Account in the portal as well.

How to Download

There are several ways to download digital titles. When you find an eBook or eAudiobook in the catalog that you would like to read, click on "Download." You will be prompted to enter your library card and PIN. Next, choose the format you would like (Adobe Digital Editions, HTML or Kindle for eBooks) and click "check out."

If you are in the library or on a computer or device you cannot download to, then the download will not proceed after you check out. When you get to your computer you can download from, go to the library portal and click on My Account. Enter your library card and PIN. Your downloadable titles will be in "Digital Checkouts." Click on that tab and you will see a "Download" link with each title you can use to access the eBook or eAudiobook.


Can you still use OverDrive to access digital books? Yes, you may. In fact, what you do in the portal is reflected in your OverDrive account. The only thing you cannot do in the portal is set a book to automatically checkout when you place a hold. But, once the hold is placed in the portal, you can go to OverDrive and edit the hold to checkout to you when it’s available.

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