Will you find me a home to live in?

No. It is the family's responsibility to find a home that is eligible for the voucher home ownership assistance. If the family is already a rental voucher participant and is determined to be eligible, the GHA will authorize the family to search for a home to purchase without the interruption of their rental assistance.

An eligible family will have 120 days from the time the voucher is issued to close on a home. Families participating in this program may select an eligible unit anywhere within the GHA's jurisdiction. Families may purchase a unit out of the GHA’s jurisdiction under the portability procedures of the voucher program, but only if the receiving housing authority is administering a home ownership program and accepting applicants.

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1. What is the Housing Choice Voucher Home Ownership Program?
2. Who qualifies?
3. How do I know I'm ready for home ownership?
4. What is an eligible home?
5. Will you find me a home to live in?
6. Will I need to get my home inspected?
7. What about financing?
8. Can my family help me buy the home?
9. Am I limited to how much I may pay for a home?
10. How do I make the mortgage payments?
11. What do I pay for?
12. Are there ongoing requirements?
13. Will I still have to have a re-certification meeting each year, even after I purchase the home?
14. Are there any time limits?
15. Can I purchase another home?
16. Will purchasing a home make me ineligible for other assistance programs such as food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare?
17. What if I have trouble maintaining my home or paying my mortgage?
18. What if I get terminated from the program?