What can housing discrimination feel like?

There are many possible scenarios. For example, you look for housing in a particular neighborhood. You are discouraged, and directed to another part of town. You may be told that you are too late, too soon, too old, or have too many children. You may hear all kinds of reasons.

You may even believe what you hear. But, inside, you know something does not feel right. You begin to feel like you are rejected because or your age, ethnicity, physical disability, or marital status. If this is the situation, you know what it feels like to be denied housing. What you may not know is that in the United States housing discrimination is against the law.

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1. What is fair housing?
2. What practices are protected under the law?
3. What does housing discrimination look like?
4. What can housing discrimination feel like?
5. What can you do about housing discrimination?
6. Where can I find more basic facts about the Fair Housing Ordinance?